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In this guide you will capture and inspect data from your application container running in Docker.

In this guide you will capture data from your docker container. Reference supported architectures for other capture modes.

speedscale runs your application inside docker and records a "snapshot" of your application traffic from the requests in and and out.

Start the Proxy

Start capturing by specifying the container image and HTTP port. This assumes your application is listening on port 8080. Set your application details accordingly.

speedscale start capture --image $YOUR_DOCKER_IMAGE --port 4143:8080


Now speedscale is serving your application on localhost port 8080. Generate some traffic by making requests. As an example, requests to your order service might look something like this.

curl -X POST http://localhost:4143/orders -d '{"customer_id":"1234", "amount": 123.45}'
{"order_id": 456} # response from your service
curl http://localhost:4143/orders/456

Stop the Proxy

Stop recording and finalize the analysis.

speedscale stop capture


Now inspect the snapshot you just created.

speedscale inspect