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Technology Support

Protocol Support

Speedscale is a 3 part process: Observe, Analyze, and Playback (already available in Enterprise, coming soon for the CLI). That means that protocol and technology support can be viewed through these steps separately.


EnvironmentDesktopSupportedComing Soon
EnvironmentDocker (not K8S)SupportedComing SoonSee Reverse Proxy
EnvironmentKubernetes (1.16+)Enterprise OnlyEnterprise Only
EnvironmentK8S Automatically PlaybackEnterprise OnlyEnterprise OnlySee Operator
EnvironmentK8S Inject SidecarEnterprise OnlyEnterprise OnlySee Sidecar
ProtocolHTTP 1.1 / 2.0SupportedComing Soon
ProtocolHTTP/S inboundSupportedComing SoonSee TLS
ProtocolHTTP/S outboundSupportedComing SoonSee TLS
ProtocolGraphQLSupportedComing Soon
ProtocolgRPCSupportedComing Soon
ProtocolJSONSupportedComing Soon
ProtocolS3 / minioSupportedComing Soon
ProtocolMutual TLS (mTLS)SupportedComing SoonSee TLS (for outbound only)
ProtocolXMLSupportedComing Soon
AuthenticationAPI KeySupportedComing Soon
AuthenticationBasic AuthSupportedComing Soon
AuthenticationCookieSupportedComing SoonSee Cookie Tokenizer
AuthenticationBearer JWTSupportedComing SoonSee JWT Tokenizer
DBMSElasticsearchSupportedComing Soon
DBMSDynamoDBSupportedComing Soon
DBMSMongoDBSupportedComing Soon

If there are other protocols that are integral to your organization, please let us know at